[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Importing Barcode Field Through EAD

Custer, Mark mark.custer at yale.edu
Thu Dec 15 11:20:33 EST 2016

Yep, you can certainly do this, but just be careful, since the following two containers will be imported as two different top containers (and there's no way to merge top containers in the staff interface):

<container type="box" label="mixed_materials (D0123456$)">1</container>
<container type="box" label="mixed_materials">1</container>

But as long as the barcodes are added to every instance of "box 1" in the EAD, you should be good to go.

Additionally, if you already have container profiles in ArchivesSpace, and you want/need to link or re-link those at the same time as an EAD import, you can add the container profile name to the altrender attribute on a container element like so:

<container type="box" label="mixed_materials (D0123456$)" altrender="flat box (16d 1h 20w)">1</container>

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Hi Suzanne,

You can import barcodes from EAD by including the barcode value in parenthesis inside of the container/@label attribute.

For example:
<container type="box" label="mixed_materials (D0123456$)">1</container>


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In the Preview of 1.5.0 webinar, someone mentioned being able to add the barcode field through EAD. They said you could put the barcode in parenthesis in the container label section. Can anyone show me a snippet of what this looks like?

Thank you,


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