[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Question about barcodes and data migration

Hagenmaier, Wendy L wendy.hagenmaier at library.gatech.edu
Tue Dec 6 13:44:55 EST 2016

Hi, ASpace community!

We're in the midst of migrating to ASpace here at Georgia Tech, and we're seeking advice about the following issue. Thanks in advance for any insights you might have!

Last year, we barcoded our containers (both processed and unprocessed material, using the Yale AT Barcode Plugin) before moving most of them to offsite storage. Because AT could only attach barcodes within the Resource module and we needed to barcode unprocessed material that only had accession records in AT, we created "temporary" resource records for unprocessed material.

So, now in AT and in our ASpace test instance, we have hundreds of pairs of accession records and temporary resource records for unprocessed materials.

In ASpace, we want to keep all of the data that exists in both the accession records and the temporary resource records, but ideally, all of the data would live in accession records and we could delete the temporary resource records. In other words, if we could somehow crosswalk/migrate/push the data (including instances and associated containers) from the temporary resource records into their corresponding accession records in ASpace, in a way that would preserve all of the data from both the original accession record and the temporary resource record, that would be ideal.

We're working on a way to do this, but we wanted to see if others had already tackled this issue and developed solutions.


Wendy Hagenmaier
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Archives & Records Management
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wendy.hagenmaier at library.gatech.edu
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