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Sent on behalf of Annie Peterson at LYRASIS.

LYRASIS is offering many new online classes for this fall, including one coming up soon: "Practical Digital Preservation on a Shoestring: Triage for the Underfunded<https://www.lyrasis.org/Pages/EventDetail.aspx?Eid=02DC4A12-A668-E611-80CF-00155D0A8824>" will be taught by Lynne M. Thomas and Jaime Schumacher, leaders in the Preserving (Digital) Objects With Restricted Resources<http://digitalpowrr.niu.edu/> (POWRR) project. The class will be offered twice this fall, in September and November.

Additional practical digital preservation tools will be covered in the Digital Preservation Toolbox sessions on basic file management<https://www.lyrasis.org/Pages/EventDetail.aspx?Eid=1507C1AE-9C68-E611-80CF-00155D0A8824> and metadata tools<https://www.lyrasis.org/Pages/EventDetail.aspx?Eid=0CD1F8C8-9E68-E611-80CF-00155D0A8824>. Later in the year we'll be offering "Crowdsourcing for Digital Projects<https://www.lyrasis.org/Pages/EventDetail.aspx?Eid=0CA8DEC1-9D55-E611-80CF-00155D0A8824>," "Outsourcing Newspaper Digitization<https://www.lyrasis.org/Pages/EventDetail.aspx?Eid=C140B048-954A-E611-80CF-00155D0A8824>," and "Archival Appraisal for the Non-Archivist<https://www.lyrasis.org/Pages/EventDetail.aspx?Eid=C66FE37A-9C55-E611-80CF-00155D0A8824>" - all new classes!

Visit https://www.lyrasis.org/Pages/events.aspx for further descriptions and to register. See the September schedule below and remember if you cannot make any of our classes at the scheduled time, we do send a recording of the session to everyone registered for the course.

9/7 All History is Local: Find, Preserve, and Digitize Collections that Tell the Story<https://www.lyrasis.org/Pages/EventDetail.aspx?Eid=47AA3B43-F248-E611-80CF-00155D0A8824>

9/8 Project Management and Workflow for Digitization Projects<https://www.lyrasis.org/Pages/EventDetail.aspx?Eid=82794807-4850-E611-80CF-00155D0A8824>

9/20 Caring for Originals during Digitization Projects<https://www.lyrasis.org/Pages/EventDetail.aspx?Eid=F9E1DBC6-F248-E611-80CF-00155D0A8824>

9/21 The Bibliographic Framework Initiative (BIBFRAME): Data Model and Development<https://www.lyrasis.org/Pages/EventDetail.aspx?Eid=6651CA2B-C958-E611-80CF-00155D0A8824>

9/22 Promotion and Outreach for Digital Projects<https://www.lyrasis.org/Pages/EventDetail.aspx?Eid=57FC9A07-F348-E611-80CF-00155D0A8824>

9/27 Introduction to Copyright for Digitization<https://www.lyrasis.org/Pages/EventDetail.aspx?Eid=A7C38667-4850-E611-80CF-00155D0A8824>

9/27 Practical Digital Preservation on a Shoestring: Triage for the Underfunded<https://www.lyrasis.org/Pages/EventDetail.aspx?Eid=02DC4A12-A668-E611-80CF-00155D0A8824> *New Class*

This course will help you understand that different digital preservation tools/services can perform different functions within the digital curation lifecycle, and will teach methods for investigating and selecting potential tools/services. The focus will be on low-cost and free tools and services. The instructors will cover how to build daily workflows that incorporate accessioning digital materials (both born-digital and previously digitized), processing them, and planning for their long-term preservation.

The focus of this course is on preservation, and not on access or digitization of materials. We will not be addressing the "why" of digital preservation; rather, we are preparing for the "how" of making informed decisions regarding tool selection and demonstrating some tools in action. An introductory knowledge of digital preservation issues, such as those outlined in the Library of Congress's Digital Preservation Outreach & Education Curriculum, is required.

9/28 Advanced Digital Stewardship<https://www.lyrasis.org/Pages/EventDetail.aspx?Eid=B1D10514-9E55-E611-80CF-00155D0A8824>

9/28 Promotion and Outreach for Preservation<https://www.lyrasis.org/Pages/EventDetail.aspx?Eid=92BBBD23-F348-E611-80CF-00155D0A8824>

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions about classes.


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