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> On Aug 11, 2016, at 1:00 PM, Lapka, Francis <francis.lapka at yale.edu> wrote:
> As one component of a larger project at Yale, I am considering a review of ArchiveSpace’s MARCXML exporter, with the intention of recommending changes to the spec so that it is in full compliance with descriptive conventions in MARC. As noted in the thread below, there are “issues” – at a glance, quite a few. I’m aware that some issues are registered in JIRA (e.g., AR-1189, AR-1187, …). The goal would be to draft a document that comprehensively and precisely documents how AS should map to MARC, for all AS “Resource” fields.
> Questions:
> 1.       Are there any human-readable documents that already specify the mapping from AS to MARCXML (something other than the export_marc_spec.rb that I find on Github)?



on page: http://archivesspace.org/importexport

> 2.      Is anyone else undertaking a similar project (I’d be happy to spare myself the trouble)?
> 3.      Bonus question: Is anyone planning/devising a spec for mapping from AS to BIBFRAME 2.0?
> Answers to any of these questions would be much appreciated.
> Best,
> Francis
> Francis Lapka  ·  Catalog Librarian
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> Susan Luftschein luftsche at usc.edu 
> Fri Mar 4 16:36:10 EST 2016
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> Hi Johna,
> I do it all the time.  You can export a resource record as MARCXML.  You do it through the Export tab in the top level of the resource record.  I do use OCLC Connexion to catalog, so if that’s what you want to do you have to transform the xml file into MARC21 format.  Terry Reese’s MarcEdit program (free) will allow you to do that.  Then you can just import the transformed MARC record into Connexion.
> Be aware that there are still some mapping issues with ASpace elements and MARC fields, so you definitely have to do some manual editing.
> Hope this helps,
> Sue
> Sue Luftschein
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> Subject: [Archivesspace_Users_Group] marcxml - OCLC and Symphony (catalog database)
> Good afternoon AS Users,
> We have records in AS that we would like to export and put into OCLC and our catalog.
> Has anyone exported a marcxml record and then imported it into OCLC and/or their catalog?
> If so, do you have instructions or a workflow?
> I am not a cataloger so excuse me if I am not using the correct terminology ☺
> Have a wonderful weekend!
> Johna Von Behrens, MLIS, CA, MSEd
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