[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Using Travis for continuous integration for plugins

Esha Datta esha at nyu.edu
Wed Apr 20 14:10:47 EDT 2016


We are working on writing a few plugins for archivesspace at NYU.  TL;DR,
how have people used travis or something equivalent to run their plugin
tests and the app tests to make sure that everything is running well once a
developer submits a pull request to their plugin repository? Do we need to
have the whole repository...the source code and the plugin for this to work?

If you want to read on for more detail:
We have developed a plugin right now and have created a deployment workflow
to automatically set up the plugin on the dev server. However, we would
also like to use travis or equivalent to start running tests when we submit
a pull request on Github. Usually, we have the whole repository when we run
rspec tests but here we would like to have the plugin in its own repository
outside of the source code. Does anyone have a way to run rspec tests for
the plugin in travis? On my local instance, when I run build/run
backend:test  -Dexample="test suite of plugin", it runs tests and knows to
use certain test methods that have been declared in the source code. In the
plugin repo that we have, we wouldn't have the source code in there. Is
there a way to build it? Or do I need the whole repository, i.e, source
code + plugin for travis to work?



Esha Datta
Senior Programmer/Analyst
Bobst Library
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