[Archivesspace_Users_Group] MARC to EAD for ASpace import stylesheet

Reese, Terry P. reese.2179 at osu.edu
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I guess I should mention as well - if you are coming out of MARC - you can validate all your headings prior to doing the mapping (if you aren't actively doing authorities work) in MarcEdit with a couple clicks.  There is a valid headings tool with validates 1xx and 6xx data and generate action reports as well as can automatically correct headings that need fixed prior to doing this type of conversion.  It's built upon the linked data framework code within the program - and works right now, specifically with LC.  Basically - you just tell it what you need to validate:
[cid:image002.jpg at 01D122D4.0FFBB3E0]

You can do the same thing with some code that the Bentley folks shared (I think it was Python if I remember the blog post) - but this doesn't require any programming knowledge.  Just point and click.  Might help save some clean-up time for headings after import.


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Hi all,

I've developed a stylesheet that will convert MARC records to EAD for import into ArchivesSpace using MarcEdit.  This is really useful for those of us migrating from platforms other than Archon or AT who have catalog records for collections.

It's available here: https://github.com/MSU-Libraries/MARCtoEADforASpace.

Just a few notes:

*        This stylesheet maps MARC bibliographic data to the ASpace flavor of EAD.  If your finding aid needs container listings added, you'll have to add those in manually, as they are not part of the MARC bib record.  I've indicated where to do that in the stylesheet.

*        There's also some required MARC fields for the stylesheet to output required ASpace fields (such as the 300).  If original MARC record doesn't have these fields, you'll get an error when importing. The error log does tell you if you are missing something (for a missing 300 field, it's an extent statement), so you can add that into the EAD file.

*        This stylesheet includes fields not in the MARC to EAD crosswalk.  They were fields used in our records (such as 590s or 246s) that import into ASpace as notes with a header using the Marc field title.

Let me know if you have any questions or issues.  As I mention in my github, I'm a newbie, so if anyone sees places to improve the code, please let me know!



Nicole Garrett Smeltekop
Special Materials Catalog Librarian
Michigan State University Libraries
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