[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Audience question

Galligan, Patrick PGalligan at rockarch.org
Mon Nov 16 10:20:47 EST 2015


You have to modify your EAD converter. We've done this to our converter.

Something like this should work:

    %w(accessrestrict accessrestrict/legalstatus \
       accruals acqinfo altformavail appraisal arrangement \
       bioghist custodhist dimensions \
       fileplan odd otherfindaid originalsloc phystech \
       prefercite processinfo relatedmaterial scopecontent \
       separatedmaterial userestrict ).each do |note|
      with note do |node|
        content = inner_xml.tap {|xml|
          xml.sub!(/<head>.*?<\/head>/m, '')
          # xml.sub!(/<list [^>]*>.*?<\/list>/m, '')
          # xml.sub!(/<chronlist [^>]*>.*<\/chronlist>/m, '')

        make :note_multipart, {
          :type => node.name,
          :persistent_id => att('id'),
                                  :publish => att('audience') != 'internal',
          :subnotes => {
                                                :publish => att('audience') != 'internal',
                                    'jsonmodel_type' => 'note_text',
                                                'content' => format_content( content )
        } do |note|
          set ancestor(:resource, :archival_object), :notes, note

This text should start around line 110 in your ead_converter.rb file. Just make it into a local plugin once you've added the :publish => att('audience')!='internal', where you need to.

These changes publish everything unless it's marked internal.

Patrick Galligan
Rockefeller Archive Center
Assistant Digital Archivist

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Hi all

What is the expected behavior of the audience attribute  when it is undefined or defined as external during AS EAD ingest?  We have used an undefined audience attribute as the default for publish in our EAD, but when ingested into AS, note elements (scope and content, biography/history, access and use restrict, etc.) with undefined audience attributes ingest with internal attributes (publish=false).  When we changed the undefined audience attributes to external, AS ignored the attributes and  continued to assign an internal audience attribute to those elements. If this is the expected behavior, how do we specify that an EAD element should ingest with an external audience attribute (publish=true)?


Johanna Carll
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Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study
Harvard University
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