[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Resequencing error

Galligan, Patrick PGalligan at rockarch.org
Thu May 28 14:55:17 EDT 2015

Any thoughts on the below?

We are seeing the following error: translation missing: en.no key - translation missing: en.validation_errors.database_integrity_constraint_conflict__java__commysqljdbcexceptionsjdbc4__mysqlintegrityconstraintviolationexception__duplicate_entry__479856 at archival_object-0__for_key__uniq_ao_pos_<mailto:en.validation_errors.database_integrity_constraint_conflict__java__commysqljdbcexceptionsjdbc4__mysqlintegrityconstraintviolationexception__duplicate_entry__479856 at archival_object-0__for_key__uniq_ao_pos_>

It's only happening with certain objects, but it's basically making it impossible to update/delete those items. This is very troubling for us and holding up some work.

The only suggestion was to resequence, but resequencing seems to be stalling with the error I attached last night.

Any help would be awesome.


Patrick Galligan
Rockefeller Archive Center
Assistant Digital Archivist

From: Galligan, Patrick
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2015 7:04 PM
To: Archivesspace Users Group
Subject: Resequencing error


I was trying to resequence tonight to fix a couple holes in our AO tree, but I ran into the attached error.

In the past, resequencing has been relatively fast, but after an hour of waiting, the log never moves past this point.

Any thoughts on how to fix this?


Patrick Galligan
Rockefeller Archive Center
Assistant Digital Archivist

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