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Hi Maureen,

I'm with a group at Nyu and google hangout is telling us the call is full. Fyi.


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</div>A plug-in to ArchivesSpace for better control over locations and containers, sponsored by Yale and created by Hudson Molonglo, is available as a production release on GitHub. https://github.com/hudmol/container_management 
I will be hosting a Google Hangout to demonstrate the features of this plug-in and answer questions on Thursday, May 14 at 3:00 pm Eastern time. The link to join us is here: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/grc2wouo7h2eu5q6s6i2wvwh4ya
This plug-in includes a lot of exciting new features, listed below. However, this is currently only available as a plug-in for release 1.1.2. ArchivesSpace has committed to bringing this plug-in into the core code (which will mean that it will be included in an upcoming release). In order for this to happen soon, we are hoping that ArchivesSpace members will vote for this issue as a top priority: https://archivesspace.atlassian.net/browse/AR-1182 . 
Please join us!
New and improved approach to the way ArchivesSpace treats containers. Containers in ArchivesSpace can now be defined once and linked many times to various archival objects, resources, and accessions. This means that the database knows, in a meaningful way, which container materials are housed in.
Ability to know more about the actual container itself. Is this a Paige box? A Hollinger half-manuscript legal? The new "container profile" record type lets you know exactly which box type is on the shelves and what its dimensions are. This will make measuring space much easier, from extent statements to shelf space to really understanding how many moving vans you need for that big renovation!
Be able to select and act on containers. Perhaps you want to see which boxes are in a collection, a series, a location, or have a particular barcode -- ArchivesSpace will let you do it! 
The ability to "share" boxes across entire collections in a meaningful way. Let's say that you want to put all of the panoramaic photos in your repository into the same container. With this new data model, you'll be able to keep much better control over that container.
The ability to configure how many digits barcodes in your repository should be. This will help cut down on bad barcode information in the database.
The ability to add/update "container profiles" in bulk. Choose a list of containers. Select Bulk Operations > Update Container Profiles. It is that easy.
Rapid barcode entry. Choose a list of containers, wand through their barcodes. Boom, done.
An error will occur if you try to assign the same barcode to two different containers. No more paging nightmares.
The ability to store data that will help you synchronize between ArchivesSpace and item records in your ILS. It's common for archives to create item records in their ILS for containers in collections. This will give you a place to store the ILS's holdings record Identifier and the item record identifier.
The ability to store data about the restriction status of material associated with a container.See below for more about machine-actionable restrictions. This helps serialize information to ILS item records, and creates an opportunity for archival circulation systems to manage containers with restricted materials properly.
Improved location view. Now, when you look up a location in ArchivesSpace, you'll see all of the containers that are in that location!
Ability to assign locations in bulk. How did we ever get along without this before? This will be a huge help for shelf-reads, moves, and assigning locations to new containers.
Machine-actionable restrictions. You will now have the ability to associate begin and end dates with "conditions governing access" and "conditions governing use." You'll also be able to associate a local restriction type for non-time-bound restrictions. This gives the ability to better manage and re-describe expiring restrictions.
Extent calculator. Now that you know the dimensions of your containers, you'll be able to automatically calculate linear footage at any level of description.
Maureen Callahan
Archivist, Metadata Specialist
Manuscripts & Archives
Yale University Library
maureen.callahan at yale.edu
Webpage: web.library.yale.edu/mssa
Collections: drs.library.yale.edu
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