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Hi Hillel,

There isn't much that can be done about a request timeout, especially since it can vary by browser. The EAD download doesn't time out, as you observe, because it streams it's response. It wouldn't be too hard to do this for labels too. Perhaps we can find some time next week to chat if you are up for working on it together.


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</div>I’ve been doing a bit of tweaking to the Download Container Labels functionality, and in the process discovered that I get a timeout error when attempting to export container labels for large collections. I tried a variety of things, including commenting out everything inside the "objects.each do” loop of the generate_label_rows, but it appears that even looping through every object in the collection causes that same timeout error.

I’m wondering if there are any ways to avoid this error, either by improving the logic or changing the serialization mechanism. EAD exports, which are way more complex, work just fine, so there’s obviously a way to do this. Any clues would be very much appreciated!


Hillel Arnold
Lead Digital Archivist
Rockefeller Archive Center
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