[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Repository Search API Behavior

Smith, Steelsen steelsen.smith at yale.edu
Mon May 11 10:00:53 EDT 2015

Thanks, Chris.

That's indeed what I found. I was thrown by the error message that implies any of the three limiting parameters can be used. The autodocs also don't mention it. Very low priority but maybe something to add to the bugtracker.


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Hi Steelsen,

Yeah, the solr queries done under the search end-points are paginated, but slightly different.  The all_ids parameter is actually not used, but you do need to put a :page parameter ( that's what the nilClass error is complaining about )

http://devaspace.library.yale.edu:8089/repositories/20/search?q=MS 1981&filter_term[]={"level": "series"}&page=1

should work...b,chris.

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I'm presently working with the repository search endpoint (/repositories/:repo_id/search) and note in the documentation that it doesn't include a limiting parameter. Attempting to return all results yields a 500 error. Can anyone tell me if this is expected behavior?


http://devaspace.library.yale.edu:8089/repositories/20/search?q=MS 1981&filter_term[]={"level": "series"}

Gives back an error asking to specify set, page, or all ids:

{"error":{"page":["Parameter required but no value provided"],"id_set":["Parameter required but no value provided"],"all_ids":["Parameter required but no value provided"]}}

Specifying page works, but specifying all_ids=true:

http://devaspace.library.yale.edu:8089/repositories/20/search?q=MS 1981&filter_term[]={"level": "series"}&all_ids=true

Internal Server Error (500)
Request Method:


Request URL:


(NoMethodError) undefined method `-' for nil:NilClass

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