[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Adding a value and translation to a controlled value list

Angela Kroeger akroeger at unomaha.edu
Tue Mar 17 16:18:34 EDT 2015

We have an accession that was purchased, not donated. From the accession record, I want to link to the agent record using a role of "Source" and relator of "Seller."

"Seller" wasn't in the drop menu and "Donor" isn't appropriate. "Bookseller" was on the list, but these are papers, not books.

The hover text for the relator term says to see the MARC Code List for Relators. (http://www.loc.gov/marc/relators/relaterm.html) "Seller" is on that list, so it is valid to add to the ArchivesSpace drop menu.

I tried to add Seller to the controlled value list for Linked Agent Archival Record Relators. When I selected Create Value, it prompted me to input a value, but no translation. I input the value "sll" from the MARC Code List. Now, however, both the value and translation are listed as "sll" with no apparent means to change the translation to "Seller."

I am tempted to delete that and add Seller as the value, so it will also be the translation that displays to staff and the public, but I know that is the wrong solution. The existing values all use the MARC 3-letter codes, and the existing translations all use the natural language terms. I would think that I should be able to follow that established pattern.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!

Angela Kroeger
akroeger at unomaha.edu
Archives and Special Collections Associate
Dr. C.C. and Mabel L. Criss Library
University of Nebraska at Omaha
(402) 554-4159

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