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Chris Fitzpatrick Chris.Fitzpatrick at lyrasis.org
Mon Mar 2 15:08:32 EST 2015

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Subject: [archivesspace] AS-specific Steady updates


I've just made a few changes to Steady [1] that ought to allow it to
create EAD XML that will import into ArchivesSpace again and create
instances correctly.

These changes involve adding information to elements in the
/ead/eadheader/archdesc/did as AS now seems to require them be present
to import. Also, on the AS members list there was an issue reported
where containers for a component part were being split into multiple
instances instead of being grouped/nested. I've added the ability to
create the attributes on the containers to create these parent-child
relationships on import of the EAD XML. Please let me know if you have
any questions about these changes.

These changes have not gotten a lot of use yet, so please send me
feedback on how they work for you.

Can someone please forward this to the members list as this is where
one discussion of the issue began?

Thank you,


[1] http://steady2.herokuapp.com/ A tool that allows you to convert

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