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At the University of Denver, we have (as of about a month ago, when this particular backup of our database was run):

3,853 accessions
7,178 digital objects
833 resources (with a little over 125,000 archival objects attached)

This gives us a total database size of about 621.3 MB, and a Solr index of 1.8 GB. We’re by now a little bit higher than all of this, but not much. I’d also be interested to hear about others’ scales, since I don’t know how representative we are.

I would also echo what Mark said; all of this is based on the test instance of ArchivesSpace that I’ve been running on my laptop for a little over a year, so it’s pretty easy to play around with different system settings to see what works best.  -k

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I don’t know if there are guidelines out there yet about all of the technical resources that institutions will need for ArchivesSpace, but we’re trying to figure that out right now, as well, and then have our IT folks document that information (not so much to plan for the size of the database, which isn’t terribly large, but to make sure that we’re allotting enough RAM, etc., and that we have everything optimized).  All of which is to say that hopefully in a week or so we will have more information to share about what works best at our scale!

As for what exactly our scale is, right now our ArchivesSpace database is about 3.5 GB.  We combined a few AT databases into one, though, so I wouldn’t assume that most institutions would have more than 1 GB of data in their database, if that (but I could be way off base with that assumption).  In any event, here are a few stats from our ArchivesSpace database to give you a slightly better sense about its contents:

Accessions:         21,106
Resources:          5,279
Archival Components (subordinate levels of desc., not counting the resource records):   2,097,805 (and at some point, we might not want so many records in the same table! J)

But that’s just the size of the MySQL database.  There’s also the size of the SOLR index to consider, which can be substantially larger. I’ve got one on my desktop right now, for instance, where the SOLR directories take up about 18 GB -- the MySQL database is the same size, in that case.

As I mentioned, though, hopefully we'll have more information to share in the near future regarding the exact details of our setup (including details about the webserver, etc.).  In the meantime, I'd love to hear more about what you mean by significant data, as well as learn more about the different ASpace database sizes already out there in production.

All my best,


P.S.  one nice thing about ArchivesSpace is that it’s pretty easy to just set up everything as a test on a local machine.  After you do that (or, better yet, get someone in IT to do that so that they can see for themselves), you can then import as much data into your test application that you want, and that should give you a much better estimate regarding your database size and SOLR index once it’s up on a server, as well as the types of resources that you might need.

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I have been asked how much space the ArchivesSpace database will require.  What has been the experience of those with significant data.

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