[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Merging Archon Instances before OR after migration

Suda, Phillip J psuda1 at tulane.edu
Mon Jun 15 12:09:06 EDT 2015

Good morning all,

                   I have run test migrations of the various Archon and AT instances running around campus. We would like to merge these various instances into one ASpace instance. My understanding is that multiple instances cannot be migrated to one ASpace instance because the ASpace database has to be empty for the migration to take place.

1.       Are other people merging their various Archon instances from around campus into one ArchivesSpace instance (better recognition and access of materials...one spot to rule them all)?

2.       Are people migrating one Archon instance and then using the ASpace import feature to import the other Archon Instances/Repositories?

3.       I am running into problems import one Archon repository into another Archon instance (keep getting EAD version errors?)

Let me know if anyone else has run into this or has any recommendations. One ASpace to "rule them all" sounds nice, but I am wondering the best way to merge these various instances into separate repos ino ArchivesSpace.



Phillip Suda
Systems Librarian
Howard-Tilton Memorial Library
Tulane University
psuda1 at tulane.edu

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