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Chris Fitzpatrick Chris.Fitzpatrick at lyrasis.org
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Hi Maura,

Can't you put your code up on http://gist.github.com/ <http://gist.github.com/>

and send a link to it? What you're doing sounds about right, but it'll be easier for me to see what's up if I can look at the code...


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Hi all,
I've been playing with RoR and html.erb and have a question on how to implement something I've written. Hoping someone with more experience may be able to offer a little guidance as the stuff I've read hasn't been super helpful (in part because I'm already working with pre-built stuff rather than starting entirely from scratch).

Right now this is our index.html.erb page:


I wrote some ruby code that would allow the images to be randomized, and tested said ruby code in irb (so I know I get correctly returned values):


def pickImage(directory)
   return fileName


However, I'm not entirely sure how to implement this in RoR/my html.erb file. I found the index controller (I believe), the site_controller.rb and put the code inside (and outside on a few tries) the def index end block, and then added an <img src="<%= @img1 %>" /> to my index.html.erb file but no variable is found (the page display but its like the img tag is empty).

I also tried something like <% image_tag , '"' + pickImage(Dir["../assets/images/aspace_home/col-1/*.jpg"]) + '"', :alt => "Finding Aids Display Image" %> which just broke the page.

Any guidance on how this works/if I'm even doing this right? I haven't found anything in archivesspace.out that indicates if what I'm doing is even being rendered; is there another log somewhere I can check?

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