[Archivesspace_Users_Group] FW: Safe to use "out-of-the-box" installation for production?

Brad Westbrook brad.westbrook at lyrasis.org
Mon Jul 13 11:03:07 EDT 2015

Hi, Mike,

The ArchivesSpace team strongly recommends that the Derby database embedded in ArchivesSpace only be used for exploring and assessing ArchivesSpace (in place of the sandbox) and not for production service.  ArchivesSpace deployments supporting production service should use the MySQL database.  Among other reasons, doing so will make it easier to migrate the data to a third-party host, if you do decide to do that.

All best,

Brad W.

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Subject: Safe to use "out-of-the-box" installation for production?

Good morning,

Apologies if this has been addressed here before. We are new AS members who will be doing a relatively small amount of description in the next year (new processing only- no migration), with 2-3 different users. Eventually we'd like to have a third party host our installation, but may not be able to initiate that until next summer.

In the meantime, is it safe to use the embedded database installation for our work and plan to migrate our content to a hosted installation later on? Or is it totally not recommended to use the out-of-the-box install for any significant work?

Many thanks!

Mike Satalof
Digital Archiving Specialist

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