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Noah, thanks for the feedback. It's good to know I am on the right track. I was able to get that to work. And in fact, we were able to build on that and perform a mass export of the finding aids, though for some reason only 1914 of 1940 resources were exported. 

Now I am wondering how I might adjust the script to export the XML file with a file name that uses the value of the resource's identifier field rather than the ASpace system identifier for the record. 

I agree that it would be great to see the documentation on the API/cURL expand in the way you outline. I feel there is so much more I could do with the API, that I do not fully understand the capabilities here. I just know being able to mass export finding aids with one script is pretty damn cool. 


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Hi Ben, 

I’m a curl novice too, but your last example should work to output a single EAD file to the current directory. The only thing I see is that in your example you have a single quote to begin the URL and a double quote to end it. Maybe change the double quote at the very end to a single quote, or make both double quotes? 

Something like: 

curl --output “EADfilename.xml” -H "X-ArchivesSpace-Session: $TOKEN" ‘http://aspace1prod.dlt.psu.edu:9089/repositories/3/resource_descriptions/9235.xml?numbered_cs=true’ 

This works for me in Windows Powershell. 

More generally, I think it would be helpful for noobs like us if the ASpace documentation included a short primer (with examples) on how to use curl to interact with the API. This could supplement the existing API documentation at: http://archivesspace.github.io/archivesspace/doc/file.API.html 

The ASpace developer screencasts are a good reference if you haven’t seen them, particularly this one http://youtu.be/iKd4ZME1uIE?list=PLJFitFaE9AY_DDlhl3Kq_vFeX27F1yt6I 



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Hey All, 

Wondering if anyone can help a cURL novice work through the process of exporting a finding aid from the API. I've reviewed some of the past emails on this subject from Noah and Kevin but I am still hung up somewhere. A quick recap: 


curl -F password='***' http://aspace1prod.dlt.psu.edu:9089/users/bmg17/login 

Save token: 


Just to verify I know what I am doing, try retrieving a resource record: 

curl -H "X-ArchivesSpace-Session: $token" 'http://aspace1prod.dlt.psu.edu:9089/repositories/3/resources/1352' 

Success: {"lock_version":0,"title":"Frederick R. Matson papers","publish":true, etc. etc. etc. 

I'm not going to do a mass publish yet, but went ahead and retrieved all the ids anyway: 

curl -H "X-ArchivesSpace-Session: $token" 'http://aspace1prod.dlt.psu.edu:9089/repositories/3/resources?all_ids=true' 

A long list. Including a very short resource record with the id of 9235. Now I am wondering exactly how I put this together to export just this one. This is the command mentioned in previous messages: 

curl --output “resource_#1.xml” -H "X-ArchivesSpace-Session: $TOKEN" 'http://aspace1prod.dlt.psu.edu:9089/repositories/3/resource_descriptions/$ids.xml?numbered_cs=true" 

I assume if I'm just exporting one, I can replace '$ids" with the actual number (9235), and that the value following --output can be whatever I want the finding aid file name to be. Is all this correct? And where would this actually output the file to? 

Thanks, in advance, for any help. 


Ben Goldman 
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Penn State University Libraries 
University Park, PA 

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