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carrie.daniels at louisville.edu carrie.daniels at louisville.edu
Tue Jan 13 09:27:39 EST 2015

I've been working with customizing controlled values for some of the fields in ArchivesSpace, and I'm running into a few surprising things. Some of this is minor in the larger scheme of things, and it all may be the result of my own ignorance, so I could benefit from your collective wisdom.

When I add entries to event_event_type they don't show up in the dropdown menu that is accessible from the "add event" button on an Accession record. They show up on the analogous dropdown for Resources, but we do have some Accession-specific Event Types we'd like to add. (In addition, while they show up in the dropdown within Resources, the value is prefaced by "translation missing: en.enumeration.event_event_type" - which seems related to my question in the next paragraph.) They do show up if we create an Event "outside" an Accession or Resource record, but adding Events this way would be much less efficient.

On a related note, our current content standard calls for us to lowercase extent types such as "linear feet," "leaves," etc. In order to accommodate this, I have attempted to replace the given values in extent_extent_type. Even if I delete a previous, capitalized entry, the new version appears with caps. This seems to be, in part, because I cannot replace "Translation," only "Value," and as long as that matches an existing - or pre-existing - value, the old version comes back to life. This is not a huge thing, and I hope I'm overlooking something obvious, but any thoughts would be welcome.


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