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Well,  I guess the issue is that it's a bit unclear how a batch job would handle this, right? The current behavior is to stop the job, roll back the changes, and mark the job as failed. There is not 'partial failure' or way for people to review the parts of the batch jobs that failed.

That would all have to be spec'ed out and added as a feature request.


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The imports of EADs has worked this way since at least version 1.00.  If any EAD fails ArchivesSpace validation, the entire job fails.

I second the suggestion of calling this a bug.  I would expect the "good" records to load and would love to see the validation errors for any and all EADs that were unable to load.

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Can you forward this message to the mailing list (archivesspace_users_group at lyralists.lyrasis.org<http://lyralists.lyrasis.org>) since it may be a bug other users have seen.

On Fri, Jan 9, 2015 at 4:05 PM, Vandermillen, Michael <michael_vandermillen at harvard.edu<mailto:michael_vandermillen at harvard.edu>> wrote:
Hi Nathan,
Do you know what the state of batch EAD import is? If I select multiple finding aids (36 in my case), I see them all appear in my import job queue, but then I get a failure message. I'm working with a set of Finding Aids in which I know some will load successfully but some won't. I was assuming the bad would fail and the good would load, but seems to abort immediately.

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