[Archivesspace_Users_Group] EAD instance issue

MATTHEW R FRANCIS mrf22 at psu.edu
Tue Feb 24 13:01:58 EST 2015


Sending through the listserv as the "Send Feedback" link does not properly function for our instance of ArchivesSpace and apologies in advance if this has already been discussed. 

We are currently running ASpace v1.1.2 and have recently run into an issue with our EAD imports that we were not experiencing under previous versions (for full context we were previously running v1.0.9 before migrating to the current version). Historically some of our workflows have relied on converting Excel collection container listings into EAD XML files through Steady ( http://steady2.herokuapp.com/ ) and then importing into AT/ASpace. This is a workflow that we would like to remain an option moving into the future. 

However, when importing one of these XML files in v1.1.2 we noticed that when there were two sets of container tags for an archival object in our XML that ASpace mapped the container data as two separate instances for the archival object instead of a singular instance with two container types. For example here is the XML data for one of the archival objects: 

<c02 level="file"> 
<unittitle>Council Members Lists</unittitle> 
<container type="box" label="Text">1</container> 
<container type="folder" label="Text">20</container> 

And when imported into ASpace the instance is now displaying as: 

We are not sure what has caused this change with the current version, but from our workflows/resources perspectives it presents a challenge to our collection management practices. Would appreciate any information on what might be causing this, if there is a recommended alternative approach to importing this type of EAD XML data, and/or if this is something that is pipeline to be worked on. 

Thanks for the help and information. 


Matt Francis 
Archivist for Collection Management 
Special Collections Library 
Penn State University 
Twitter: @archivingmatt 
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