[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Error importing accession CSV

Reese, Terry P. reese.2179 at osu.edu
Wed Dec 2 09:58:33 EST 2015

Looks like an the parser believes that your data should be in UTF8 and that there are a sequence of bytes that don’t conform to UTF8.  I’ve not used the csv importer – I know that in some cases, when saving data as UTF8, data gets written with a BOM marker by some tools.  I’ve found that this is primarily a windowism (though there is other tools that do it) – and many parsing tools have difficulty if this data is present.

I say that – without being completely familiar with the actual import code, just my own experience building and working with parsing tools.  Without taking a closer look at the actual data itself – I’m just guessing a little bit.


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Good morning all,

I'm working on importing our accession information in csv format, and keep getting this error:
I had success with importing a smaller test file earlier in our implementation process, so I'm not sure what it's getting hung up on here. Has anyone else seen this error? Any pointers are appreciated.


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