[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Assigning User passwords.

Steven Majewski sdm7g at virginia.edu
Wed Aug 26 16:53:05 EDT 2015

I’ve been doing most of our testing from an admin account. 

Now that we are setting up new accounts and more restricted groups and privileges on a production server,
I’ve noticed, if you log in on a non-admin account, there doesn’t seem to be any way to change your own password. That function seems to only be available from the System/Manage Users menu when logged in as an admin. 

This is a bit of a problem, as I created the accounts from a script using LDAP info, and set an initial password that I was expecting users to change after the had first logged in. As an admin, I REALLY don’t want to have to manage users passwords. 

Also, as an non-admin user, when I click on the ‘My Global Preferences’ menu, I get:

AccessDeniedException in PreferencesController#edit

Rails.root: /usr/local/projects/archivesspace/data/tmp/jetty-

Application Trace <http://archives-test.lib.virginia.edu:8080/preferences/0/edit?global=true#> | Framework Trace <http://archives-test.lib.virginia.edu:8080/preferences/0/edit?global=true#> | Full Trace <http://archives-test.lib.virginia.edu:8080/preferences/0/edit?global=true#>
app/controllers/preferences_controller.rb:28:in `edit'



Show session dump <http://archives-test.lib.virginia.edu:8080/preferences/0/edit?global=true#>
Show env dump <http://archives-test.lib.virginia.edu:8080/preferences/0/edit?global=true#>



And a similar error for ‘My Repository Preferences’ . 

— Steve Majewski

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