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Earlier I asked about configuring ArchivesSpace for Windows. I've since scrapped that plan and have installed it running with Fedora Workstation v21. The set up I have currently is mostly a stop-gap measure until the Center figures out where we will host our catalog.

I followed the instructions from github and have gotten things to work mostly. However, I am having problems when saving certain items. For example, I made an agent/person entry which saved properly, but it did not display. It was not until I went into the MySQL database and manually tweaked "created_by" from null to "admin." Little things like that happen when I have been creating records, fields are null or otherwise slightly off. On the other hand, I have had no problem saving/displaying the children I've spawned from a resource I started a few days ago.

The problem so far has been with creating agents and subjects. Everything in these areas seems to get saved to the database, but just slightly incorrectly, such that it won't be displayed.

I am wondering if there's some setting in the config.rb that I haven't set properly.


Lisa C. Josephs


National Steinbeck Center

1 Main Street,

Salinas, CA

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