[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Error messages during dev import

James D. LAKE jlake at library.berkeley.edu
Fri Aug 7 11:40:06 EDT 2015

Hi -

We're having problems with importing two collections into our dev instance
of AS (see below) which generate error messages for specific components.
In the first case, the collection has other components with similar markup
that result in no error.

Also, as with Jared Campbell's post this week, we also have a collection
that results in a "NoMethodError: undefined method 'items'" message.
Unlike Jared's case and question re file size, this occurs for a small

Jim Lake
UC Berkeley Library


Error: #<RuntimeError: Problem creating 'Katz Case': Invalid value: box>

This component seems to be OK:

<c03 level="file">
<container label="Box" type="box">5</container>
<container label="Folder" type="folder">3</container>
<unittitle>Pacific Coast Conference (PCC) Rules: Violations (Interviews
with Athletes)</unittitle>

But this one generated the error:

<c02 level="file">
<container label="Box" type="box">5</container>
<container label="Folder" type="folder">4</container>
<unittitle>Katz Case</unittitle>
<unitdate type="inclusive">1964-1965</unitdate>


This is the only instance of label="Box" in this collection, but there
appears to be nothing unusual about the markup:

#<RuntimeError: Problem creating 'Bibliography on 3 x 5 index cards -
Compiled by Genie Candau': Invalid value: box>

<c03 level="file">
<container label="Box" type="box">1</container>
<unittitle>Bibliography on 3 x 5 index cards - Compiled by Genie
<unitdate>1956 - 1991</unitdate>
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