[Archivesspace_Users_Group] FW: EAD ingest default values (still looking for accurate EAD to AS data mapping documentation)

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Wow! Thanks for that Maura.

According to the only map I know of, http://www.archivesspace.org/sites/default/files/EAD-Import-Export-Mapping-20130831.xlsx, in which there is no mention of the label attribute--and that's supposed to mean it doesn't get ingested--I believe, or at least that's what I was told about no mention of attributes for extents in the same document.

Yet, according to your experience, it maps to instance type.

Can someone point me to move up-to-date or more accurate mapping documentation?

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Hi Kate,
I think that might be  a default if you don't give a label. I did a test import using this and I get the correct type (graphic materials not mixed):

<c id="aspace_5733ab6628a47b738fb094146d63d983" level="item"><did><unittitle>Test Item</unittitle><unitdate type="inclusive">1999</unitdate><container id="aspace_8bd0595ac9233574468b6b5fa624699f" label="Graphic Materials" type="Box">1</container><container id="aspace_20b2e63b85aafa57536961de690bb8a8" parent="aspace_8bd0595ac9233574468b6b5fa624699f" type="Folder">2</container></did><odd id="aspace_e09ce5eff5c0ef0acdfa6a11ddd8da27"><head>Subtitle</head><p>pizza is good</p></odd></c>

The only thing I did have to do is merge in the controlled value list "graphic materials" and "Graphic Materials" so that the label was not entirely lower case.

Hope that helps.


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Subject: EAD ingest default values

What are other repositories doing about default values added by ArchivesSpace upon ingest?

For example, if I am reading the EAD ingest map accurately, all instances are asserted to be "mixed_materials" which of course is not right if I'm ingesting EAD describing a photographic collection.  And, of course, any collection that is genuinely of mixed materials is frequently made up of components that are a single medium.

Is there a way to assign a value of "unspecified" (or some other value) so that we can distinguish between values that have been purposefully assigned and those that are merely blanket values created by the ingest process?



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