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Thanks for your reply.  I'd like to bypass Solr as much as possible, so
we'll look into developing a controller that takes a string and returns the
matching agent object.

Thanks again,

On Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 4:31 AM, Chris Fitzpatrick <
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>  Hi Alex,
>  There's a few ways you could do this, but it also probably has to do
> with your data. The problem is that records added to the database need to
> be indexed in Solr, so when you're batch loading a lot of records the
> indexer will lag.
>  I might suggest loading your agents in first, which would allow for the
> index to finish.
> Another option would be to reduce the period the indexer runs ( the
> default is 30 seconds ) , as well as the number of threads it's using  in
> the config.rb. However, this would require you to have more processors and
> memory available, so if you do this, you'll need to run it on a
> multi-processor machine and increase the java heap space.
>  If you're having issues with the search api, you can also just access
> Solr's search API directly, which would give you a lot of options for term
> searching.
>  Lastly, you could also write controller and include it as a plugin to
> search the database directly, by passing the need for the solr index to be
> populated.
>  b,chris.
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>   We're developing a migration tool to import records from our database
> into ArchivesSpace via the API.  For each controlled access name in each
> collection, our tool needs to know if a name record exists in
> ArchivesSpace, and if so, query its ID in order to build the
> collection-name link.  However, the only method that I've found to discover
> agent/family/corp records (knowing only the type and title string) via the
> API is GET /search/.
>  Using GET /search/ for discovering name records is proving unwieldy, as
> there is a long delay (~30 seconds on localhost) between POSTing a new name
> record and having it return in the index.  When generating many records at
> once, this leads to frequent false negatives.  It also makes for slow
> discovery, as a full search query has to be run, then some number of the
> results iterated through, for every name.
>  Is there a more direct way to query ArchivesSpace for name records,
> ideally bypassing search altogether?  If not, how are other API users
> developing methods to match name records to ArchivesSpace objects?
>  Many thanks,
>  --Alex
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