[Archivesspace_Users_Group] build_release and custom config

Steven Majewski sdm7g at virginia.edu
Wed Apr 1 13:38:47 EDT 2015

With the v1.2.0 release, I finally got tired of saving and merging config.rb, 
local plugins, and mysql connector to upgrade on several test servers. 
I tried adding my changes to common/config/config.rb — the changes worked when running devserver
from the distribution, but they didn’t get exported into the distribution zip file
after running build_release.  

It appears that all of that is intentional — the dist target is intended to build the
standard distribution, not a custom one. ( i.e. it does not include local plugins, and it
specifically excludes the mysql connector if it is present. ) 

I made the following changes to the build-zip target to include local-plugins, mysql connector
and common/config/config.rb is they are present. Then copied them to build/mybuild.xml where
it can be run by:

./build/run -buildfile mybuild.xml dist -Dversion=“v1.2.0+local” 


Assuming you’re using mysql and there isn’t a local demo database to be migrated,
you can just unzip, run migrate_db and restart and it will rebuild the solr indexes. 

— Steve Majewski

diff --git a/build/build.xml b/build/build.xml
index e6ff44b..a9c13c3 100644
--- a/build/build.xml
+++ b/build/build.xml
@@ -491,3 +491,3 @@
-  <!-- Dist build -->
+  <!-- Override build-zip in Dist build to build custom local zip distribution -->
   <target name="build-zip" depends="set-classpath"
@@ -555,2 +555,8 @@
+    <copy todir="target/archivesspace/plugins/local" verbose="true" >
+    <!-- include local plugins -->
+      <fileset dir="../plugins/local" >
+        <exclude name="**/.gitignore" />
+      </fileset>
+    </copy>
@@ -588,4 +594,9 @@
+       <concat destfile="target/archivesspace/config/config.rb" append="true" >
+       <!-- include local config.rb changes -->
+               <filelist dir="../common/config" files="config.rb"/>
+       </concat>
     <zip zipfile="../archivesspace-${version}.zip" level="9">
-      <zipfileset dir="target" excludes="**/mysql-connector-java*.jar" />
+      <zipfileset dir="target" /> <!-- DON'T: excludes="**/mysql-connector-java*.jar" /> -->
       <zipfileset dir=".." includes="README.md" prefix="archivesspace" filemode="644" />

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