[Archivesspace_Users_Group] reordering objects in resource records

Ben Goldman bmg17 at psu.edu
Tue Sep 23 14:52:06 EDT 2014


I've just experienced an issue and on a cursory search can't tell if it's been noted in PivotalTracker yet or discussed here yet. 

I've been editing an inventory object-by-object in a resource record, saving each object as I updated it. In one instance I reordered one of the objects by dragging it further down the tree, then continued editing other objects. Then I reached an object that could be removed, clicked to delete it, the resource reloaded in View mode, and the objects appeared to shuffle, and not seemingly in the order I started with. 


Ben Goldman 
Digital Records Archivist 
Penn State University Libraries 
University Park, PA 

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