[Archivesspace_Users_Group] slow export of EAD records

Kevin Clair Kevin.Clair at du.edu
Mon Sep 15 13:55:12 EDT 2014


I was wondering if anyone else is exporting EAD finding aids through the API, and if so, if they've noticed any slow performance on collections with a lot of linked archival objects. I'm running an export now on our entire database, using the command

curl "http://$server/repositories/2/resource_descriptions/$ids.xml" -output "#1.xml" -H "X-ArchivesSpace-Session:$session"

Where $server is the back-end URL, $ids is all of the resource identifiers in curly brackets, and $session is the ArchivesSpace session ID. It does well except for when it encounters a collection that has many components to it (we have a few with thousands of item records attached), at which point the download speed drops to around 200 bytes/second or so.

We have problems editing and creating records in those large collections in the staff interface, as well. I've seen the ticket for that bug, or one like it, in Pivotal Tracker and thought maybe a similar thing was happening here.  -k
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