[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Resource info disappears

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So, by blank pages, do you mean regular application forms without any data or just a white page?


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We have seen the same behavior occur in v1.0.9 as well. Blank resources pages after a rapid data entry, suppression of resource or simply doing a resource update.

I tend to have multiple tabs open of the public interface, the view only admin interface and the edit admin interface at the same time. Since I am just testing, we are using the non-production database option and Centros 6.0. Restarting the instance of AS did not fix the problem.

Was able to clear the problem by removing the multiple cookies in my Firefox 31.0 browser from the ArchivesSpace server.


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We are currently testing a local install of AS and the issue of the "disappearing resource" has come up a few times already. I will explain below the steps we are taking:

·         Downloaded and run the latest version (v1.0.9) from an Ubuntu server (14.04)

·         Login with admin account and create a repository and then start creating a resource with its series, subseries, items, etc... and saving everything without problem.

·         Then at some point when trying to access the resource with the view/edit buttons available from the list at localhost:8080/resources we are sent to a blank page localhost:8080/resources/1.

·         All the components are listed from localhost:8080/resources?include_components=true but all of them link to blank pages.

Has anybody had this problem before?
Any help will be appreciated.


Luis Martinez-Uribe
Fundación Juan March
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