[Archivesspace_Users_Group] FW: v1.1.0 maintenance plugin

Cory Nimer cory_nimer at byu.edu
Fri Nov 7 18:14:21 EST 2014

We recently upgraded our development server environment from 1.0.9 to 1.1, and afterward have not been able to update Accession records. The records can be viewed, but when clicking on Edit we receive the "We're sorry, something's gone wrong" message. Our technical support staff don't know what is causing the error, but forwarded the following entry from the error log:

|ActionView::Template::Error (key not found: accession_parts_relator):|    1: <%= setup_context(:object => @accession, :title => @accession.display_string) %>|    2: |    3: <%= form_for @accession, :as => "accession", :url => {:action => :update}, :html => {:class => 'form-horizontal aspace-record-form', :id => "accession_form"}.merge(update_monitor_params(@accession)) do |f| %>|    4:   <%= form_context :accession, @accession do |form| %>|    5:     <div class="row-fluid">|    6:       <div class="span3">|    7:         <%= render_aspace_partial :partial => "sidebar" %>|  app/helpers/aspace_form_helper.rb:628:in `jsonmodel_enum_for'|  app/helpers/aspace_form_helper.rb:595:in `options_for'|  app/helpers/aspace_form_helper.rb:392:in `possible_options_for'|  app/views/interrelated_accessions/_template.html.erb:30:in `_app_views_interrelated_accessions__template_html_erb__1847228019_33474'|  app/helpers/aspace_form_helper.rb:696:in `templates_for_js'|  app/helpers/aspace_form_helper.rb:682:in `templates_for_js'|  app/helpers/aspace_form_helper.rb:520:in `form_context'|  app/views/accessions/edit.html.erb:4:in `_app_views_accessions_edit_html_erb__139972669_27306'|  app/views/accessions/edit.html.erb:3:in `_app_views_accessions_edit_html_erb__139972669_27306'|||

Has anyone else run across this, or know what might be done to correct it?


Cory Nimer
Technical Services Archivist
Brigham Young University

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