[Archivesspace_Users_Group] AT to ASpace Migration -- Digital Object Date Label

Kari R Smith smithkr at MIT.EDU
Mon Mar 31 14:24:40 EDT 2014

I could see two attributes:

Creation [actual] [presumed]
Last updated date [the most likely known date for digital files]

Kari Smith

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What should the default be for Digital Object? Creation instead of Digitize?

On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 1:08 PM, Christine Di Bella <cdibella at ias.edu<mailto:cdibella at ias.edu>> wrote:
I don't really have anything to add, but yes, I've definitely seen this as well.  (I'll note that when one adds a Digital Object instance to an existing file/item in AT, the date field is automatically populated with the date information from the resource component record, so this isn't a matter of the field being used incorrectly in our AT deployments.)

I agree that this will be problematic going forward and would like to see a change. I haven't tried out the version of the migration plugin released this morning yet - perhaps this was already addressed there?

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Has anyone else run into this problem with Digital Objects?

We anticipate this being a larger problem as we get into digitizing more of our legacy collections and would love to see a revision to how ASpace handles the digital object dates.


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Subject: AT to ASpace Migration -- Digital Object Date Label

In migrating our Digital Objects from AT to ArchivesSpace using the migration plugin, we noticed that the Digital Object Date Label defaults to "digitized" in ArchivesSpace.

So where our Digital Objects in AT might have a Date Begin in 1950 and Date End in 1951, ArchivesSpace now defaults to displaying those dates as the dates the materials were digitized.

Is there any way to change this default label? It really isn't ideal for us to have all of the DOs default to a digitized date, as that is not the information that we have been putting in the Date boxes in AT.

-Patrick Galligan

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