[Archivesspace_Users_Group] EAD Import - cryptic error messages

Steven Majewski sdm7g at virginia.edu
Sat Mar 1 11:14:06 EST 2014

I found a way to get info on the EAD -> JSON_schema mappings, and I’ve managed to fix those notes/0/content errors as well as several others.

For debugging purposes, I make this temporary change to jsonmodel_wrap.rb  to  ignore all validation errors,
and I run my command line EAD import parser.  ( I haven’t tried running this code on the backend server — no idea what that might break. )

--- a/backend/app/converters/lib/jsonmodel_wrap.rb
+++ b/backend/app/converters/lib/jsonmodel_wrap.rb
@@ -13,10 +13,10 @@ module ASpaceImport
         # TODO - speed things up by avoiding this another way
         rescue JSONModel::ValidationException => e
-          e.errors.reject! {|path, mssg|
-                            e.attribute_types &&
-                            e.attribute_types.has_key?(path) &&
-                            e.attribute_types[path] == 'ArchivesSpaceDynamicEnum'}
+          e.errors.reject! {|path, mssg| true }
+#                            e.attribute_types &&
+#                            e.attribute_types.has_key?(path) &&
+#                            e.attribute_types[path] == 'ArchivesSpaceDynamicEnum'}

This generates json files for almost all of the EAD files. ( except for about 30, which I assume are the ones with errors other
than #<:ValidationException…> ).  The ones that would not have normally validated correctly will still generate validation
errors if POSTED to  /repositories/$ID/batch_imports.  However, I can pipe them thru json_pp and search for the schema 
property in the error message.  So far, this has yielded enough context information to identify the source of the problem 
in the EAD file. 

Most of these problems seem to trace back to empty elements in the EAD file. 

In a few cases, there is a missing required element ( unitid, for example ), but in most cases, removing the empty element
fixes the problem.  Is this something that could be fixed in the parser ? : if the element is empty, don’t create a JSON property
for it ?   
( For now, I’m adding templates for all of the glitches I’ve found to a AS fixup stylesheet run as a pre-process to AS import. ) 

— Steve Majewski

On Feb 28, 2014, at 8:43 AM, Brad Westbrook <brad.westbrook at lyrasis.org> wrote:

> Hi, Steve,
> I won’t be able to address your mapping request until next week.
> We are working on a public release now which will address the LDAP security hole reported a couple of weeks ago and include a number of enhancements made since the 1.0.4 release on Jan. 20.  We are aiming to announce the release later today, but it might not be until Monday, depending on resolution of one item.
> Brad
> Bradley D. Westbrook
> Program Manager
> brad.westbrook at lyrasis.org
> 800.999.8558 x2910
> 678.235.2910
> bradley_d_westbrook (Skype) 
> <image001.png>
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> To: Archivesspace Users Group
> Subject: Re: [Archivesspace_Users_Group] EAD Import - cryptic error messages
> Brad:
>  Can  you express this requirement in terms of EAD elements  instead of  JSONModel schema types ? 
>  It’s that mapping that is giving me trouble:  trying to turn the schema references in those error messages
>  into elements in the imported EAD that need to be addressed. 
>  Any ETA for that next release ? 
> I’ve managed to fixup some of the import problems with a stylesheet: I’m up to 2749 files out of 4074 parsing successfully ( up from 0 and 300+ on my 
> initial efforts ). That notes/0/content message is my greatest outstanding issue: 
> 1210  #<:ValidationException: {:errors=>{"notes/0/content"=>["At least 1 item(s) is required"]}}>
>   31  Unexpected Object Type in Queue: Expected archival_object got container
>   30  #<:ValidationException: {:errors=>{"dates"=>["one or more required (or enter a Title)"], "title"=>["must not be an empty string (or enter a Date)"]}}>
>   11  #<:ValidationException: {:errors=>{"instances/0/container/indicator_1"=>["Property is required but was missing"]}}>
>   11  #<:ValidationException: {:errors=>{"id_0"=>["Property is required but was missing"]}}>
>    8  #<:ValidationException: {:errors=>{"extents"=>["At least 1 item(s) is required"], "notes/0/content"=>["At least 1 item(s) is required"]}}>
>    6  #<:ValidationException: {:errors=>{"extents"=>["At least 1 item(s) is required"]}}>
>    5  #<:ValidationException: {:errors=>{"notes/0/content"=>["At least 1 item(s) is required"], "id_0"=>["Property is required but was missing"]}}>
>    5  #<:ValidationException: {:errors=>{"ead_id"=>["Must be 255 characters or fewer"]}}>
>    2  #<:ValidationException: {:errors=>{"instances/0/container/type_1"=>["Property is required but was missing"]}}>
>    1  Invalid schema given: string
>    1  #<:ValidationException: {:errors=>{"record"=>["Can't unambiguously match {:reference_text=>\"(In non correspondence -legal)\"} against schema types: [\"JSONModel(:note_index_item) object\"]. Resolve this by adding a 'jsonmodel_type' property to {:reference_text=>\"(In non correspondence -legal)\"}"]}}>
>    1  #<:ValidationException: {:errors=>{"notes/7/subnotes/0/content"=>["Must be 65000 characters or fewer"]}}>
>    1  #<:ValidationException: {:errors=>{"notes/0/content"=>["At least 1 item(s) is required"], "notes/8/subnotes/0/content"=>["Must be 65000 characters or fewer"]}}>
>    1  #<:ValidationException: {:errors=>{"instances/0/container/type_1"=>["Property is required but was missing"], "instances/0/container/indicator_1"=>["Property is required but was missing"]}}>
>    1  #<:ValidationException: {:errors=>{"extents"=>["At least 1 item(s) is required"], "ead_id"=>["Must be 255 characters or fewer"]}}>
> — Steve M.

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