[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Container lists re-ordering after saving

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Tue Jun 24 11:57:09 EDT 2014

Hi all,

Me too.  I figured that I would reorder the container list after I  
finish adding agents and subjects to each container.

Br Raphael

Also I am getting tired of placing agents and subjects in alpha order  
the hard way.  There must be a means to make it happen automatically.


Br Raphael

Quoting Karla.Irwin at unlv.edu:

> Hi Cate,
> We have experienced the same problem. We have noticed a little bit of a
> trend: the re-ordering mostly occurs after someone has gone back to a
> component in the container list and edited it. Like you, after a user puts
> the components in the correct order again they just scramble in a different
> order. Oddly enough, I have been able to get the components to stick in the
> right order by moving them around when I am in the "view" mode and not the
> "edit" mode.
> I would also be curious to know who else may be having this issue and if
> they have been able to figure out an exact cause.
> Thanks,
> Karla
> Karla Irwin
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> University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
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> Has anyone encountered container lists in Resource records re-ordering as a
> result of either saving or publishing a Resource?
> There is no logic to the order of the resort (child records are staying
> within the appropriate parent in the hierarchy, though).  If we open a
> Resource with a scrambled list and put the list back in intended order and
> save again, the list ends up back out of order (though not the same
> scrambled order it was in before).
> Another consequence of whatever is causing this activity is that we are no
> longer to add children mid-list; ArchivesSpace forces all added components
> to the bottom of the container list.
> Thanks for any help with solving this.
> Cate
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Br Raphael Meyer osb
Prince of Peace Abbey

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