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Ben Goldman bmg17 at psu.edu
Fri Jun 20 11:45:59 EDT 2014

Hello everyone, 

Some additional questions/commentary regarding LDAP in ASpace: 

    * It appears there are only two ways to get LDAP accounts added to the users table in ASpace: 1) to have each individual user login to ASpace using their LDAP login and password, which throws the "no repository access" error but does create the user, which allows the Administrator to then add the account to a group, or 2) write LDAP accounts directly to the user table via SQL statement. I don't see any way to add an LDAP user from the Manage Users screen. Is this an accurate reading? 
    * It does, however, appear that from the Manage Groups screen in ASpace, if I type the first couple letters of an LDAP username, it will show all the qualifying usernames and even allow me to add one, but when I click save, it throws an error: " Members - translation missing: en.validation_errors.user_[username]_does_not_exist " presumably because the user does not yet exist in the users table. It would be great if adding a user here also resulting in adding that account to local ASpace instance. 
    * It might be useful to be able to assign LDAP groups to ASpace groups. I didn't see this that this was possible, but I may have missed something. 


Ben Goldman 
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Penn State University Libraries 
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Has anyone been working with LDAP and the migration tools? We were wondering if migrating the users from AT and their old passwords causes any issues with LDAP authentication that we should know about. 

Let me know if you’ve used LDAP along with user migration, and whether there are any possible traps we should watch out for. 

Patrick Galligan 

Rockefeller Archive Center 

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