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Hi, Patti,

At present, ArchivesSpace is limited to providing the "finding aid" for a resource as a collection description accessible via the public interface.  The option to export an EAD is for contributing the exported EAD to an EAD database such as the Online Archive of California for organizations in California or Texas Archival Resources Online for organizations in Texas.  Such databases typically have a defined process for ingesting EADs and rendering them (via stylesheets) for the public.

That said, we intend to provide in the public interface (and probably the staff interface) the option to generate a PDF version (and possibly HTML version) of a resource description.  See the user story at https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/68379222; the story has not yet been scheduled for action.

Brad W.

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Hi, all-

We're just getting started with ArchivesSpace and have no legacy finding aids-In fact, no finding aids at all, and we're trying to figure out how to turn an EAD encoded document into a finding aid.  When you export your resource as an EAD document, where does it go (at your institution) and how do you create access to it as a finding aid?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!


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