[Archivesspace_Users_Group] saving, updating, and dealing with slow responses

Callahan, Maureen maureen.callahan at yale.edu
Thu Jul 31 16:42:59 EDT 2014

Hi , all -

One major source of confusion/complaints this morning had to do with how the application responds to user inputs.

We had significant delays waiting for records to load and save, and wonder if there's any advice that you could offer to improve performance.

Also, when there's a server delay, we don't get any indication that anything is happening. It would be nice to get a "saving..." notice, similar to the "loading..." message.

During training, there was discussion that it would be desirable to be able to save a piece of data (like a newly-entered date) instead of the entire archival component / accession record / whatever.

We also noticed that there were some issues with multiple users accessing the same record. As part of an exercise to demonstrate "first to save, wins", I asked users to pair up and pick a record to both open. Although we were in the same classroom, not all users got the message that a record was being used (or had been updated) by another user. We would also like the option for the warning message to give the real  name of the other person using the record, rather than the ASpace username.

Finally, there was a mild complaint this morning that the "Save" button near the top of a record and the "Save Resources" button on the side menu both do the same thing but don't have the same label.


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