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All collections are linked to a classification at least at the highest levels (Manuscripts, U. Archives, Political Papers, Photographs, Rare Books).  With a few exceptions, all collections are also linked to a sub-classification (for example: a record group for UA; or a topical designation <http://archives.lib.siu.edu/?p=collections/classifications&id=67> like we have in Manuscripts).  It might be a bug.  I did notice a duplication in the Classification tab in ArchivesSpace as all of our top level classifications appear twice.  I supposed we'll need to manually delete one set once things are in order?  How do we identify the potential bug?

I'll forward this information on to Doug Simmons who is doing the technical side of migration.  Please let me know if you need more clarification on the classifications issue.



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In regard to the first question, can you provide a bit of additional clarification?  Specifically, I am wondering if the collections that are not linked to a classification belong to a repository other than the University Archives.  The migration tool is supposed to a) recreate the entire classification hierarchy for each repository and b) link collections to their appropriate classification or sub-classificaiton, in the repository to which they belong.  After looking at several options, I decided this was the only one that would ensure that all links would migrate.  It does, however, result in a duplication of the classification hierarchy, which is necessary since ASpace does not support a shared classification hierarchy across multiple repositories, in the way that Archon did.  However, if collections are not linked to a classification in their 'owing' repository, there is likely a bug.

In regard to the second option, I am afraid that you may need to manually reorder the classifications.   As background, I looked at several options when migrating these, and given the data models for Archon and ASpace, as well as variant ordering practices, there was no way to ensure that the ordering within a particular node would be fully replicated.   I tried several different ways, and the way it is set up works good in most, but not all instances.

It may be possible for your to tweak the migration data provider scripts in core/templates/default/classification-list.inc.php  at line 48, there is a clause "ORDER BY ParentID ASC, ID DESC"  You might want to try changing the second part to order by ClassificaitonIdentifier instead and see if it gives better results in your instance.

Chris Prom

On Jul 23, 2014, at 9:42 AM, Matthew J Gorzalski <mGorzalski at lib.siu.edu<mailto:mGorzalski at lib.siu.edu>> wrote:

We’re having trouble with getting our finding aids to migrate to the correct location in the classification manager.  The collections migrate to AS without data loss, and you can access them in AS via search or the Collections tab.  But you cannot access them via the Classifications tab in ArchivesSpace because they do not migrate properly.  In Archon our Classifications are as follows:

1                     Manuscripts

a.       Twentieth Century American and British Literature

b.      American Philosophy

c.       Theatre

d.      Irish Studies

e.       First Amendment Freedoms

f.       Southern Illinois History and Culture

g.      World Wars letters

h.      Vertical File Manuscripts

2                     Photographs

a.       Manuscript Collection Photographs

b.      University Archives Photographs

c.       Political Papers Photographs

3                     University Archives

a.       (lists all record groups)

4                     Political Papers

a.       Elected officials

b.      Organized labor

c.       Grassroots organizations

d.      Political appointees

e.       Governmental organizations

5                     Rare Books

All of these Classifications and sub-classification shells migrate to ArchivesSpace but only University Archives collections can be accessed via the Classifications tab.  The collections for the other categories do not link-up, even though all collections are designated with the proper classification and sub classification.

Also, University Archives record groups (classifications) do not appear in perfect numerical order.  We’ve tweaked it a little and improved the order, but it still isn’t perfect.  Is the order based on date of creation?  A few months ago I created Record Group 32 which appears last post-migration, despite appearing in number order in Archon.


University Archivist


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