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Callahan, Maureen maureen.callahan at yale.edu
Fri Aug 1 13:10:44 EDT 2014

HI, all -

Me again. A source of absolute delight among our ASpace user training group was the Rapid Data Entry mode. They loved the spreadsheet-like view and functionalities.

However, we found that RDE was particularly prone to slow response to user inputs - users had trouble getting the system to respond to resizing column widths, saving rows, and using the tool that fills a column with a value or sequence. Like I mentioned in my previous email, any advice for improving performance would be welcome.

We also have a feature request - we agreed that it would be truly, truly rad if we could see the spreadsheet-like RDE screen for data that has already been entered. So often, a data clean-up task will call for changing a data element across sibling components - being able to see those components at the same time would be hugely helpful.

Thanks again, and have a great weekend, everyone.


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