[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Rapid Data Entry errors

Brad Westbrook brad.westbrook at lyrasis.org
Wed Apr 30 13:56:39 EDT 2014


This is a known bug, which has been fixed but not yet released (see https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/68543726).  The fix will allow the RDE to be re-configured without misalignments.

The next release of ArchivesSpace has been delayed due to our discovery of a new bottleneck in the Archon/AT to ArchivesSpace migration process.  We are working on eradicating the problem and will release the next version of ArchivesSpace soon after we do so.

Thank you for your patience.

Brad W.

Bradley D. Westbrook
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Hi Marie,

Yes, we've encountered the same problem along the way.  I finally figured out that it is when I deselect some of the boxes and use only some of the box choices, reorder them to match our data, and then add a line using the green add a line selection at the end of the line.

I switched to adding bulk lines via the add line option at the bottom of rapid data entry section.  That seemed to prevent the columns from transposing our arrangement.

Hope that helps!


Lynda Kachurek
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Has anyone else had issues when using Rapid Data Entry where the columns and labels transpose? For example, under "Container 1 indicator," instead of a free text field, I'll get a drop down menu for instance type. (See image below.) Sometimes if I clear my browser cache, that will fix the problem, but today I've cleared it multiple times, logged out and in, etc., and it still does this. I'm using Version v1.0.7.1.

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Marie Elia

Processing Archivist

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