[Archivesspace_uac] ArchivesSpace Councils Pre-Leadership Meeting Exercise

Brittany Newberry bnewberry at auctr.edu
Mon Jan 11 15:22:27 EST 2021

Greetings TAC/UAC Council members,

Thanks to all who have already signed up for the Councils leadership meeting on February 10. Please RSVP via the calendar appointment sent to the TAC and UAC listservs last month if you're planning to come and haven't already. We'll be distributing a draft agenda later this month.

In preparation for the meeting we'd like all participants to complete a short exercise about the activities and functions in which they and their groups are involved for ArchivesSpace. We will be using the data we gather to identify areas of common work (and possible redundancies) among individuals and groups in TAC and UAC. This will be helpful as part of our discussions at the meeting around streamlining Council work and opening up more opportunities for collaboration. The link is https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6JMGM63. Please complete this exercise by end of day January 20.

Thanks in advance for your participation. If you have any questions about the exercise or the meeting, please contact Christine Di Bella at christine.dibella at lyrasis.org<mailto:christine.dibella at lyrasis.org>.



Brittany Newberry
Chair, ArchivesSpace User Advisory Council

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