[Archivesspace_uac] Sub-team Retrospectives and UAC Vice Chair

Brittany Newberry bnewberry at auctr.edu
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Greetings everyone,

I hope that everyone is safe and well. Lydia and I just wanted to send out a few reminders for the end of the council term.

Sub-teams Retrospectives:
We are asking that each sub-team work together to create a retrospective about the year and add it to their wiki space. Also send it to both Lydia and I in an email(ltang at msu.edu<mailto:ltang at msu.edu>; bnewberry at auctr.edu<mailto:bnewberry at auctr.edu>). The deadline is July 1. Retrospectives should reflect on what you did well during the year and what could be improved. For an example, look at the TAC Integrations sub-team retrospective<https://archivesspace.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/AC/pages/866844673/2018-2019+Integrations+sub-team+Retrospective?atlOrigin=eyJpIjoiZGRjYzFhOWIwYzJkNGY3ZmFmNDU3NzZhOTM3MzRkNzMiLCJwIjoiYyJ9> from last year. Let us know if you have any questions.

Vice Chair:
The UAC is still looking for a vice chair. If you are continuing with the UAC next year, consider volunteering to be the vice chair. Duties of the vice chair are listed below. If interested and/or have any questions about the position, email me at bnewberry at auctr.edu<mailto:bnewberry at auctr.edu>.

Vice chair duties include providing support for Council activities, liaising with and attending meetings of designated sub-teams, and acting as the Chair in meetings of the full Council in the absence of the Chair. The vice chair is the designated successor the next time the Chair position is open, whether because the Chair's term on the Council has expired, the Chair has resigned from the Council, or the Chair has decided to remain on the Council but resign from the Chair position. If a Vice Chair resigns or leaves the Council before the Chair position becomes available, the Chair will name a new Vice Chair.


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