[Archivesspace_tac] ArchivesSpace v2.7.0 now available

Christine Di Bella christine.dibella at lyrasis.org
Wed Oct 9 11:13:06 EDT 2019

ArchivesSpace is announcing the availability of v2.7.0. You can download it at https://github.com/archivesspace/archivesspace/releases/tag/v2.7.0.

This release contains program-led and community pull requests that provide feature enhancements, bug and security fixes, and documentation updates, as well as infrastructure improvements, which were a significant focus of this release. A full list of the changes and improvements is provided on the release page.

In addition to small interface and functionality changes, this release contains two larger areas of feature enhancement. One relates to recording information about language of description and materials. These changes were made to facilitate better standards compliance in these areas. For language of description language and script can now be recorded using controlled values as well as notes. For language of materials multiple languages and scripts can now be recorded using controlled values and notes. Existing language information in records has been migrated to the new or newly structured fields. While some ways of recording information could be easily accommodated in this migration, because there are so many different ways language information could have been recorded previously, some situations will require data cleanup. As you look at language information in your records, if you see patterns in your data, please let us know. We are creating a few plugins that could be helpful with bulk cleanup work in this area.

The second major feature enhancement, made to accommodate requests to use persistent identifiers in OAI-PMH harvests and exports, is that resources and archival objects can now be represented by Archival Resource Keys (ARKs). ARKs can either be generated by ArchivesSpace or created outside the application. By the way, we're looking to host a webinar on ARKs in 2020; if you're using ARKs already or planning to use them now that ArchivesSpace can generate them, please get in touch about this possibility for sharing your knowledge with the community.

Thanks very much to community members Mark Cooper, Mark Custer, Alex Duryee, Dave Mayo, Austin Schaffer, and Greg Wiedeman, and program team members Laney McGlohon, Lora Woodford, and Sarah Morrissey for their code contributions to this release. Thanks also to the contract developer we have been able to engage through member funds, Manny Rodriguez (via LibraryHost), for his efforts on the ARKs feature. Thanks to LYRASIS Digital Technology Services for their technical support with our testing servers and running trial migrations. Last, but by no means least, as always this release would not have been possible without the efforts of our Development Prioritization sub-team, Testing sub-team, Technical Documentation sub-team, and Core Committers Group.

Information on upgrading to a new version of ArchivesSpace is available at http://archivesspace.github.io/archivesspace/user/upgrading-to-a-new-release-of-archivesspace/. If you have not yet upgraded to a recent version, we recommend going directly to 2.7.0. Please let us know if you have any questions or need help upgrading.


Christine Di Bella
ArchivesSpace Program Manager
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