[Archivesspace_api_doc_adhoc] ArchivesSpace API Documentation Working Group

Trevor Thornton trthorn2 at ncsu.edu
Fri Apr 30 11:25:48 EDT 2021

Hi Everybody-

I'd like to have a meeting to discuss progress on the API Documentation
project and some exciting changes that will hopefully move the work forward
more quickly.

Preview of the exciting changes: It seems likely that the
ArchivesSpace development team at Lyrasis will be able to incorporate
updates to the endpoint documentation into their normal course of work,
making the necessary updates whenever they have to do other work on a
controller. What they will need from us is to know where there are
shortcomings or errors in the existing documentation, as well as
Python/ArchivesSnake examples to include in the documentation.

Brian Hoffman, the Technical Lead for ArchivesSpace, will be joining us to
discuss all of this.

Please complete this Doodle poll to indicate your availability to meet the
week of May 10-14:

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Trevor Thornton
Applications Developer, Digital Library Initiatives
North Carolina State University Libraries
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